My Reminiscences of Alma Mater
Its been merely a year since I left the portals of this school and everyday brings some memory or the other about the twelve years I spent here. The beautiful front and backfield, the large classrooms, the solid feel of the desks and chairs. I can still vividly see all of my teachers who gave me so much of time. Mr. White who imparted knowledge about Geography along with valuable advice for life. Mr. Rai whose speed of solving Maths problems used to leave me awestruck.

I remember Mrs. Shah who used to be after our lives to read good English books and which we always ignored then, but whatever books we read because of her continuous emphasis and her book review project is paying off now. I can recall Mr. Pradeep's Chemistry classes as vividly as yesterday. I still keep longing for all those stories Mrs. Ali used to tell us in her history classes. These were just a few of all the teachers who moulded me into what I am today. People say that Aloysius of today is not a good as the Aloysius of yesteryears.

This view point may depend on several parameters but as far as I am concerned, Aloysius was, is and will be the Best School in Kanpur, because I base my viewpoint on one criteria. The character of its students and here no one can parallel an Aloysian, because it has qualities which can only be attained here-courage, unity, integrity sportsmanship, standing by your friends at all times, putting aside ones differences for the sake of greater cause. I don't think that an outsider can ever gauge what the spirit of and Aloysian is. Other schools teach lessons related to the curriculum, but Aloysius teachers teach lessons related to life. Lessons which are never forgotten and always hold us in a good stead. A boy who passes through this school will always be ready for life.

We may not score the highest percentages in Kanpur, we may not win all the trophies in the various activities, but yet, when you say that you are an Aloysian it inspires respect. They know that a boy from this school has character. I feel privileged to have been a part of this community, to have been able to interact with such wonderful teachers and having built some enduring friendship here. I will be ever grateful for what this school has taught me.

    Anirban Dutta
(Batch 2006 - 2007)